December 14, 2022

Titletown Breaks Ground on Final Set of TitletownHomes

Planning now underway for future additional residential development

Three years after construction began on Titletown’s one-of-a-kind townhomes, Titletown Development LLC is pleased to announce that construction on the final planned set of six TitletownHomes has begun this week, the last step in the initial phase of residential development at Titletown.

“Titletown has become everything we hoped it would be when we first began construction on Phase 1 back in 2016,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “It’s become a place to live, stay, work, play and create, and we’re proud that so many have chosen to call this special neighborhood their home.”

With construction on TitletownHomes beginning just months before the COVID-19 pandemic upended many industries around the country, including real estate, the interest in living at Titletown remained steady throughout the construction process.

“The interest in TitletownHomes has exceeded our expectations, even amid the challenges of the last several years,” said Charlie Millerwise, Packers director of development and hospitality. “The real estate market has been anything but predictable, but having the townhomes planned and ready to go as homeowners purchased them helped us navigate the pandemic smoothly and welcome new neighbors to Titletown.”

The six additional homes are being constructed on the north side of the townhome footprint, in the northwest corner adjacent to TitletownFlats and the Grand Stairs. The addition of this set of residences will bring the total from 29 to 35 townhomes.

While additional residential development may take place in the future, this final set of TitletownHomes is the last residential property currently slated for the north side of Brookwood Drive. Planning is underway for future additional residential development, with a variety of concepts being considered, including condominium and multi-family residences.

Construction for TitletownHomes is expected to wrap up during the 2023 football season. Dedicated Packers fans, community members or perhaps those looking to return to Green Bay after time away are invited to take advantage of this limited opportunity to make Titletown their home.

“This groundbreaking marks an incredible milestone for Titletown as we continue looking toward the future and determining what’s next,” said Millerwise. “We still have plenty of room to grow and we’re looking forward to further enhancing Titletown for years to come.”

As Greater Green Bay has continued to grow and the market has shifted, Titletown is set to conduct a new market study in the coming months to determine what would be best suited for the space in the years to come and to explore future development opportunities. There is still approximately 100,000 square feet of future commercial and retail space ready for development on the north part of Titletown, plus additional space for further residential development.

For those interested in TitletownHomes, private tours or inclusion in Open House events hosted at every Packers home game is available by request. More information can be found

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