Public Art Installations
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Public Art | Splinter, Domino Effect

Date: Daily | April 14 - May14

Time: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Location: Hy-Vee Plaza + Grand Stairs

Titletown is proud to announce the return of our public art installations, bringing beauty and creativity to the heart of Titletown. Our installations showcase the work of talented artists, transforming our public spaces into dynamic world of creativity + imagination with two interactive installations: Splinter by Ottomata and Domino Effect by Ingrid Ingrid.

Splinter is an installation comprising five monoliths arranged in a circle. They appear to emerge from the depths of the Earth, and conceal mysterious entities who are awakened by your movements. The entities respond to you and communicate with each other in a majestic dance of geometric shapes, set to melodious music. Activate multiple monoliths at once and they’ll reveal even more secrets.

Domino Effect involves toppling dominos in a long cascade and enjoy the results as the domino orchestra plays a unique musical work in an illuminated rainbow of pastel hues. Every set features a different sound profile (vocals, percussion, marimba, balafon or flute), and every domino has its own sound. Join forces with other players to set up the dominos faster and trigger the next cascade, or nudge them in the opposite direction to reverse the sound sequence.

So come take a walk through Hy-Vee Plaza and the Grand Stairs to discover the beauty and wonder of these public art installations.


: Ottomata 
Design and manufacturing: Jack World 
Design: Hugo Laliberté, Jonathan Jeanson and François Blouin 
Creative Programming: Hugo Laliberté, Jonathan Jeanson and Samuel Tremblay 
Interactive Sound Design: Hugo Laliberté and Jonathan Jeanson 
Technical design for manufacturing: Robin Gourcerol and Olivier Lebeau 
Project Manager: Pierre-Luc Gauthier 
Manufacturing workshop managers: Charles Lamarre and Alexandre Jacques 
Co-production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Light Night Leeds (UK), with UK funding support from  Arts Council England and Leeds City Council (UK).
Distribution: Quartier des Spectacles International
Executive Production, Touring: Jack World


: Ingrid Ingrid
Creative Direction: Geneviève Levasseur
Interactive Experience Design: Katherine Melançon
Architecture Design: Enrique Enriquez
Lighting Design: Lightfactor Inc.
Sound Design: Myriam Bleau
Technology Design:  Les Productions Version 10
Industrial Design: Dix au carré
Fabricant: Solufab, Rotoplast and Nordesco
Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Distribution: Quartier des Spectacles International
Executive Production, Touring: Jack World



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