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Global Passport

Additional resources + discussion posted on our Facebook page.

Travel around the world without leaving your living room. Explore new cultures through music, language and art. We will focus on one language/culture for three weeks.

Looking to learn a language? Want to brush up on your skills? We're starting with Spanish, but there are more than 30 lanuages to explore on Duolingo.

Language: Spanish

Practice at Home: Oh Noah! has a ton of fun ways for you and your family to learn Spanish. Check out pbskids.org/noah for videos, games, and printable activities for kids in grades K-2. Get ready to backstroke through the kitchen with this fun video.

Art: Born in Malaga in Spain in 1881, Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth-century. Explore the colorful stages of Picasso's life virtually and use his art as inspiration to rel="noopener noreferrer" create your own projects. Learn more about Picasso here.

Culture: Check back on Tuesday, April 21

Global Passports is a program of Get Learning! presented by Imperial Supplies.
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