Yogis in Rockwood Terrace overlooking ice skating rink at Titletown. Trees lit up with white lights.

Classes & Programs

Get active at Titletown! With a variety of outdoor fitness classes and cultural programming year round, Titletown is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air, no matter the season. A full list of programs offered can be found below. Please note that many Titletown programs are seasonal, and may not be currently running. Be sure to check our calendar for the upcoming schedule. All programs are free to attend unless otherwise indicated.

Winter Jubilee Activities

Light Show
A dazzling blend of holiday-themed lights, music and special effects, this family-friendly presentation also features animation, lasers and fireworks. Recommended Ages: All are welcome

Ice Sculpting
Take in the winter season as ice sculptures turn blocks of ice into works of art. Recommended Ages: All are welcome

Santa's Lodge
Get your holiday wishes ready, as Santa is coming to Titletown. From candy canes to season's greetings, it's sure to be a festive event for all. Recommended Ages: All are welcome


Exercise, Fitness and Dancing

Yoga with the Kroc Center
A mat-based, time-tested practice of postures and poses to improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Recommended Ages: 16 years and older

Boot Camp with the Kroc Center
This high-energy class combines cardio and strength intervals using a variety of equipment. Recommended Ages: 16 years and older

Golden Years Fitness with the Kroc Center
Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support. Recommended Age: Seniors

G-Force Family Fitness with the Kroc Center
Get fit with the whole family in classes designed for kids and adults alike. Classes alternate between Zumba and yoga. Recommended Ages: 5 years and older

Boot Camp with Iron Unleashed
A class that will challenge your fitness goals and encourage a healthy lifestyle with a community of like-minded people. Recommended Age: Adults

Ballroom Classes with Simply Ballroom
Learn the basics of popular social dance favorites, such as Salsa and Swing to classic ballroom daces like the Waltz. Recommended Ages: 18 years and older

Ballroom Dancing Events with Simply Ballroom
Dance the night away in this dancing event open to guests of all skill levels. Professionals will be available to guide guests through some moves, if needed. Recommended Ages: 18 years and older

Zumba with the YMCA
This class combines high-energy and motivating Latin and international music with unique moves that are fun and easy to do. Ditch the workout, join the party! Recommended Ages: 14 years and older

Line Dancing with the YMCA
An introduction to steps, warm up, cardiovascular dancing to fun country music. Recommended Ages: 14 years and older

Boot Camp with the YMCA
Get stronger and healthier with cardio, strength, balance and flexibility all in one class. Recommended Ages: 14 years and older

Power Zone with the YMCA
Be ready and dressed for high-energy action and fun. Activities might include group games, sports and other activities. Recommended Ages: 8-13 years with families and caregivers invited to join


Games, Culture and Kids Programming

Wiggle, Move and Giggle with the Children’s Museum
Dance, sing and move with your toddler. Join this playful program full of games, music and movement activities. Move and groove while learning about colors, shapes and numeracy. Recommended Ages: 5 years and under

Story Jam with the Children’s Museum
Enjoy thematic stories and songs for toddlers and preschoolers that will get them moving and enjoying rhythms. This isn't just your regular story time, it's also time to jam! Recommended Ages: 5 years and under

Play and Learn with the Children’s Museum
Play and learn with us as we spotlight some of our favorite art and STEM activities that are engaging and fun for all! Recommended Ages: 4 years and older

Chess Lessons with the Green Bay Chess Association
Learn to develop critical problem solving skills like logic, memory and planning in this ultimate strategy based board game. All skill levels are welcome to participate. Recommended Ages: 7 years and older

Art Class with 9th Street Wellness
Creativity and imagination are emphasized with these simple crafts for kids. All supplies are provided for this fun project. Recommended Ages: Kids of all ages

Wellness Class with 9th Street Wellness
This specialty class combines wellness education and exploration to empower kids to make a change in their life and the world. Projects include planting seeds to make salads or making relaxation bottles to help provide focused attention breaks. Recommended Ages: 4 years and older

After Work Music Series
End the work day on a high note. Come to Titletown and enjoy some tunes from local artists. Recommended Ages: All are welcome